Music of yesterday and today.


Autour du Ventoux, or “Around the Ventoux”, is a  music festival that brings together the classical or romantic repertoire along with the contemporary creation. It takes place in the towns and villages located near this beautiful, natural site. Our inaugural season, which will take place in Vaison-la-Romaine, Suzette and Malaucène, will offer high quality concerts by renowned soloists and ensembles. We have created this festival as an invitation to travel.

Particularly attached to the transmission of our art, we propose the following activities, geared toward locals and visitors alike:

  • Musical moments led by Benoît Menut as a prelude to the concerts, in which the public is invited to participate, to sing, to listen to, to react and to interact.
  • Meetings with guest artists and composers. Highly valued, these moments involve the exchange, the sharing and the discovery.
  • Musical activities for children – from 6-years and up – including games that involve musical language and preparation for the evening concerts.
  • An « ephemeral choir » activity open to tourists and locals, throughout the duration of the festival 
  • Half-hour « micro-concerts » in vineyards, art galleries and other unusual places, in dialogue with the music.

To irrigate the musical venues, to go towards the public, to take it by the hand, to be a surprise, and to share — such is the Autour du Ventoux creed.


Benoît Menut, Art Director